Where to find the best meals for $10 or less on Scarborough’s Golden Mile

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Thanks to the continued development of the Eglinton Crosstown LRT and the revitalization of Eglinton Square, Scarborough’s Golden Mile is essentially one large construction area. But, with the right planning, it’s still a great place to visit and show support for small businesses while the area shines. There are many independent restaurants and shops that offer hearty meals at affordable prices. Here are some of our favorites.

Scotty Bons Caribbean Grill

Named after the tangy Scotch Bonnet fire, this fast-casual cuisine highlights Caribbean flavors with Western twists. Owner Kendell Garcia brings the heat with customizable sandwiches like jerk chicken ($6.75), Cajun fish ($6.75), jerk shrimp ($7.25) and vegetable curry ($5.75 $).
More budget bites: Jerk wings ($9.95), stuffed patties ($5.45).

Minerva Tiffins

Start the day off right with breakfast at this South Indian spot. (And don’t worry about sleeping – here, the morning meal can be enjoyed until 10 p.m., when the kitchen closes.) We love the energetic Hara Bhara Dosa layered with a green chutney of mint, cilantro and green chilies ($9) and the Karam Masala Pesarattu, a thin potato pancake in the house garlic spice mix ($10).
More budget bites: Peanut idli chutney, steamed rice and lentil cakes dipped in peanut chutney and topped with ghee and spices ($9).

Viennese delicatessen

This European deli and pantry has been family-owned since 1953. Go for imported charcuterie and groceries, stick around for Imbiss, the hot food counter serving up satisfying plates of their signature goulash ($4.25) and schnitzel on a bun ($7.50). ).
More budget bites: Leberkäse (meatloaf) on a bun ($7.50)

Authentic Indian Cuisine

A mainstay of the Golden Mile for more than 30 years, Lageez offers weekday deals — like butter chicken ($9.49) or lamb curry ($10) — that are incredibly filling and affordable.
More budget bites: Vegetable samosas, homemade dough stuffed with potatoes, peas and spices ($10).

Armenian cuisine

Since 1989, Chef Paul has been preparing Armenian comfort food in his kitchen, just north of the Golden Mile. Sandwiches stuffed with slow-roasted lamb, tomatoes and onions or the beef shawarma with barbecued tomatoes, onions and tahini are only $6 each.
More budget bites: A plate of shish kebab (pork, ground beef, beef, chicken or lamb) for $8.50.

Alforat Iraqi street food

Just up the street from the Armenian Kitchen, you’ll find scrumptious Iraqi-style shawarma, charcoal-grilled skewers and roast chicken at this restaurant opened by the late Ali Al Awadi. Today, Karar Awady carries on his brother’s legacy by serving up satisfying and affordable dishes, like sandwiches made on samoon or freshly baked tandoor bread. Best bets include the beef and lamb sandwich ($9.50) and the mshakal (falafel) sandwich ($8).
More budget bites: Fasolia stew (white beans) ($6) and kebab skewers ($5 each).

Diana’s Oyster Bar and Grill

Diana’s Seafood has been one of the city’s leading providers of fresh seafood and oysters since 1985. When the brand opened a restaurant in 2010, seafood-loving citizens flocked there for freshly shucked oysters, lobster rolls and seafood platters of epic proportions. While main courses here are obviously pricey, a good budget game plan is to order a bowl of clam chowder ($7), which then gets you access to buck-a-shuck oysters, like East Coast Malpeques and Pacific Lucky 88s.
More budget bites: Kusshi and Acadian Gold oysters ($2.75 each).

Homemade Shirin Kebab

This mall spot specializes in Turkish dishes, and the menu’s best sellers are the shawarma wraps loaded with beef or chicken, hummus, garlic and hot sauces, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce ( $9). For a few dollars more, the lahmajoun pide is a must ($12).
More budget bites: Kelle (mutton) head soup ($10).

The burger aisle

This burger joint in One Center uses 100% HMA certified halal beef and chicken. Some of the over-the-top creations here include the Dementor Junior, a spicy fried chicken burger topped with homemade spicy oil, jalapeno peppers, pickles and garlic mayonnaise ($8.95).
More budget bites: Alley Fries, crispy potatoes tossed with homemade masala seasoning ($5.45).

Philippine pearls

Located inside the Al Premium Food Mart, this Filipino counter has meal deals that barely exceed our $10 budget. Each will cost you an extra dollar, but it’s worth it. Menu staples include lechon paksiw, a succulent roast pork cooked in liver sauce and served with rice; menudo, pork stew with tomato sauce, carrots and potatoes served with rice; and comforting chicken adobo, also with rice ($11 each).
More budget bites: Lumpiang Shanghai spring rolls ($10), barbecue skewers longanisa ($4.50 each) and embutido, a Filipino-style meatloaf ($9).

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