Are these Ford custom electric vehicle builds dope or not?

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Ford has partnered with aftermarket and part manufacturers to provide three custom EV versions — a Mustang Mach-E and two F-150 Lightnings — at the 2022 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show. in Las Vegas.

The automaker wanted to highlight how drivers of Ford electric vehicles can personalize their journeys with Ford performance parts and Ford-licensed accessories. Electrek writer Scooter Doll and I have added our two cents below, but we want to hear from you. Tell us in the comments – are these custom EV builds hot or not?

Photo: Dom Tucci Design (Tucci Hot Rods)/Kay Automotive.

Mustang Mach-e: True Mustang Persona

  • Manufacturer: Dom Tucci Design (Tucci Hot Rods)/Kay Automotive Graphics
  • Specifications: Shadow Black GT, Extended Range Battery

This dual-motor AWD 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E GT is widened with a custom tailgate spoiler. It features fender arches with 3D printed fender flares made by Tucci, clear vacuum formed wheel covers (see main photo) and a 3D printed front lip. A custom Kay Automotive graphic wrap brings the style.

The Tucci vehicle wears Ford accessory scuff plates, door emblems and a GT-badged tailgate. The cabin sports a Ford Accessories 140-degree dash cam, dual Recaro seats, racing harnesses with custom harness bar and custom painted trim accents.

What Scooter thinks: This body kit magically transforms this already low-profile crossover SUV into something even sportier, and I’m here for it. Usually not a body/kit mod at all, but it works here. What doesn’t work is that brown paint. Why not make this thing bright orange or completely blacked out and try to bring it into the 20th Fast and Furious film? It’s drugs.

What Michelle thinks: I’m with Scooter on this one. The body kit is amazing and then…brown. A kind of anti-climactic. How about a nod to Mustang’s iconic history with Poppy Red? It would be wonderful. I’m totally down with the Recaro seats. The Mach-e GT can apparently go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, so that seat and a racing harness would come in handy, lol. Cool that they used 3D printing. That’s moderate dope on my part.

F-150 Lightning: Swiss army knife

  • Manufacturer: Tjin/Thule Edition
  • Specifications: Extended Range Battery, AWD, SuperCrew, Lariat

The Tjin Edition F-150 Lightning contains solar charging, portable air compressor, refrigerator, console safe, Recaro front and rear seats and Thule charging accessories. It also has two rear-mounted Super73 e-bikes. Ford says it’s perfect “for a weekend getaway, off-road adventure or tailgating with family and friends.”

What Scooter thinks: It looks like the F-150 Lightning dressed up as Rivian for Halloween. These look like Lotus racing seats in there. And those wheels? I love the creativity here, but this one is a no for me.

What Michelle thinks: This custom F-150 has all the accessories you need for outdoor fun. You had me on the sun, Ford. If the US National Park Service and a lowrider had a baby, then this is what it would look like. If you were off-roading, wouldn’t the bottom scrape the ground? I’m afraid that’s a no for me too.

Photo: Solutions for Trucks/Real Car Cities

F-150 Lightning: Race Support

  • Manufacturer: Real Truck/Car Town Solutions
  • Specifications: 131 kWh Extended Range Battery, AWD, SuperCrew, XLT, Iconic Silver

Real Truck’s Race Support F-150 Lightning is equipped with an air compressor, leveling kit, off-road recovery boards and Recaro seats, as well as a fully equipped tool box. mobile and welding equipment. Ford says “this F-150 Lightning pickup is as at home on the road as it is in a Baja race as a support vehicle.”

It comes with a Retrax bedspread that has a system of rails, crossbars and additional Raptor wheels. It features a custom underbody skid plate and Kay Automotive’s graphic wrap is inspired by the Ford Bronco Desert Racer livery.

What Scooter thinks: It’s a little better. Definitely more of a rally racing vibe. Not my personal style but well executed in my opinion. I really like the paint design but personally I would swap the blue and red for other colors. Still dope, though.

What Michelle thinks: I would like this in my Hot Wheels collection so I can fix my race cars. You must be ready when you are 5 years old.

Seriously, you get form and function with this F-150 racing stand. These should go into production. Also, I like the red tow hooks – they really jump. Were Recaro seats a requirement for these custom Ford EVs? Hmmm. He gets a dope from me.

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