Uh, Sydney Sweeney has abs (and boobs) on a motorcycle in a bra top

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  • Sydney Sweeney definitely knows her way around a bike (she’s done some old car restoration work, after all!) and she posted an IG pic showing off her motorcycle skills.
  • In the photo, the actress flaunts her epically sculpted abs and legs in a sparkly bra and underwear set while riding her bike.
  • To stay strong, Sydney has been practicing mixed martial arts since she was 14 years old.

Sydney Sweeney serves up more fierce looks on her Instagram account. The Euphoria The 25-year-old actress recently shared two super strong and sultry snaps of herself while posing on a motorbike, wearing a shimmering silver outfit that included a silver chain bra top, matching silver cropped shorts and cuffed cuffs. white knee high boots.

While the outfit itself was amazing, it was also hard to miss how totally sculpted Sydney is, from her core to her quads.

“vroom vroom,” she captioned the photos. Naturally, people totally freaked out. “Hail our Goddess Sydney Sweeney,” one person wrote. The others left a million fire emojis and things like “Sry just picked my jaw up off the floor.”

Sydney’s abs and legs get a killer workout from her mixed martial arts (MMA) practice. Sydney has been doing MMA since she was 14, per Marie Claire. “I am trained in mixed martial arts. I started when I was 14 and did my first competition at 18. It was a grappling competition against all the guys one weight class above me, and I got first place,” she told the magazine. “These guys were probably going, ‘Oh , we didn’t mean to hurt him,” but they were definitely trying. Everyone sweated!

And it never bothered her that she was the only woman in the ring. “I was the only girl in this dojo, and I wanted to fuck with all the guys” [minds],” she said Carry. “So I have everything in pink – shawls, gloves, mouth guards, everything – because when you walk into the ring as a girl dressed in pink, guys are like ‘anything’. But then, when you can kick their ass, that’s the greatest feeling.

She also wants to inspire other women to get into MMA and other pursuits that aren’t “traditionally” reserved for young girls. “Ever since I was little I’ve always loved so many different things and wanted to be so many different people. I think that’s why I love acting,” she shared with W magazine. “So to be able to fall in love with cars, to fall in love with MMA and to be able to share that with people and show girls that you can do whatever you want, that’s really special to me.”

She also enjoys being active outdoors, and one of her favorite activities is water skiing, which requires a lot of thigh and core strength. Sometimes going outside means walking with your pup. “I try to walk my dog ​​twice a day. We’ll take a 3km walk in the morning and again in the evening if I can,” she shared with Hustle.

Sydney loves food and said Hustle her favorite breakfast is berries and toast. “Right now, I’m really into this toast that I’m eating with cinnamon sugar and honey butter.” But she’s not a coffee drinker. “I only drink water,” she said.

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Another favorite dish? Truffles. You know, like mushrooms. “I love truffles. I went to the Oak Tuscan Truffle Lounge here in New York and had a truffle burger, truffle spaghetti, truffle roast potatoes and a truffle dessert…c was the most amazing meal,” she said. History + train. “I had recently gotten into truffle meats and cheeses, and this meal took it to a whole new level.”

Sydney says she used to be a really picky eater, but her palette has changed and she’s “really into food now”. I guess that’s where truffles come in! And of course, this girl definitely loves a good hot dog.

Celebrate, Sydney!

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